Having the right knowledge and training is an essential part of any drone operation. Epotronic provides tailored training to help your drone operation succeed as well as partnering with a leading training provider to support you with the legal training.

Where to start

The new drone license (formerly known as the proof of knowledge) is now in effect and valid in all EU countries and wider areas under EASA.
The new rules and flight categories are based around the weight of the drone, how close you can fly to and over people as well as some other manufacturer and pilot requirements. The three categories highlights are featured below. 


Copteruni provide you with all of the knowledge and expertise to successfully pass your A2 module. This partnered with the A1 & A3 to allow you to undertake more tasks and fly closer using your drone.

(BLOB)DJI Phantom 4 RTK & D-RTK 2 Mobile Station (BUNDLE Bild 2
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Sub 250g*

the 250g category may fly over uninvolved people, however this should be avoided when possible. A maximum flight altitude of 120m is permitted and It is not permitted to fly over crowds of people, furthermore, NO OPERATOR REGISTRATION is required unless there is a camera/sensor on board AND the drone is not a toy. Furthermore, there is no competence test required required for any craft under 250g. There is no minimum age if the drone is a toy and or doesn't have a camera or sensor on board.

Sub 900g

In the same category (A1) but a different weight category so this carries different implications for operation. It is not to be expected to fly over uninvolved people and if this does happen, it should be reduced as much as possible. With the same as the lighter weight category, it is not permitted to fly over crowds of people.

Drone registration and the A1 A3 competency exam ARE required to fly a drone of this weight. Furthermore, the minimum age of an operator is 16 years of age.


Sub 4KG*

Like the A1 category, the A2 category can also be flown in the A3 category too.

The A2 does NOT allow for flight over uninvolved people. However horizontal distance is allowed to a distance of 30 metres. This can be reduced further to 5 metres if the low speed function of the drone is activated. A maximum flight altitude of 120m is permitted. Drone Operator registration, The A1,A3 as well as the A2 competency test and examination MUST be completed to operate within this category.


Sub 25KG*

This category is for significantly heavier units and due to the weight allowance, comes with a lot more restrictions. Specifically, any UAV operating within the A3 category MUST fly far away from people and fly at least 150 metres away from urban areas. A maximum flight altitude of 120m is permitted. Drone operator registration and the A1/A3 Competency test is required to operate in this category. 

*This is a brief overview, for full details, please visit

The A1/A3 Certification
So that you can safely and legally use your drone from category A1 and A3 from 250 grams and above, you must first acquire a certificate for remote pilots. With this certificate you have proof in your pocket that you know the rules and can safely operate your drone.
This will need to be completed BEFORE The A2 certification.
Register here to register and take the course. There is a €25 charge for issuing the EU competence certificate.
Check out the FAQ's here

The A2 Certification

Once you have passed your A1/A3 certification, you can then move on to the A2 certification.
The A2 allow you to fly closer to uninvolved people, allowing for more complex missions to take place easily.
Copteruni is one of our training partners and provide you everything you need to make light work of your A2 certification.
Upon sign up, you will receive:
  • 24/7 training
  • Online examination
  • Lifetime access
  • Personal support
Select the EU remote pilot certificate including training (A2 bundle for €299). For exams abroad, only training can be completed. This can be found here at Online only training (online only training costs €199)

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Specific product training

Epotronic offer a wide range of specific training options to help you get your UAV operation up and running in no time. From basic set up and operation in the field, right up to post processing and creating a final product. Our team of engineers and trainers or on hand to bring you up to speed.