FLYFIRE OWL-M30 Drohnen-Fallschirm Suit Version (inkl. Ersatzfallschirm)

FLYFIRE OWL-M30 Drohnen-Fallschirm Suit Version (inkl. Ersatzfallschirm)



  • Modulares Design und wiederverwendbar
  • PSDK-Paddel-Stopp-Funktion, die das Risiko des Verhedderns des Fallschirms vollständig ausschließt
  • Schutzklasse IP45, spritzwasserfest, für verschiedene Arbeitsumgebungen geeignet
  • Schnelle Installation, bereit für jeden Flug
  • Geeignetes Modell: Dji Matrice 30 Serie




OWL-M30 Drone Fallschirm, mit Flugkontrolle Onboard SDK Interaktion, verbessert die Flugsicherheit Situationsbewusstsein, redundantes Design von wichtigen Sensoren,


schnelle Montagestruktur und APS Not-Aus-Propeller Fallschirmöffnungssystem. Im Falle eines Notfalls! Stoppen Sie den Propeller, öffnen Sie den Fallschirm, und fallen Sie langsam, um die Flugsicherheit zu schützen.

Flyfire Technology Co.,LTD
Harbin Flyfire Technology Co.,Ltd. was registered in January 2018 and established Dongguan Flyfire in March, 2020 at Songshan Lake Innovation Park in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Flyfire Technology always practices the concept of "lighting up the future with inspiration", and is committed to the development of passive safety protection program for UAV, so as to solve the risks after UAV accidents through passive safety equipment. The supply solutions include unmanned aerial vehicles, safe parachutes, airbags, propeller-stoppers and other safety systems. Since its establishment, Flyfire has built a series of safe flying companions, such as "Guardian", "Manti" series and Owl system for drone safety, which have effectively reduced the human and aircraft injuries caused by drone accidents and saved more than 1400 flying accidents so far. Flyfire technology has always practiced the dream of creating an era of safe flight in a down-to-earth manner. Its products have been widely recognized by customers, and it has conducted cooperation and customization with many UAV manufacturers deeply.

1x FLYFIRE OWL-M30 Drohnen-Fallschirm

1x Ersatzfallschirm


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