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GreenValley International (GVI) offers advanced but easy-to-use laser scanning technologies from the air, from the ground and from mobile devices. The extensive product line includes several high-precision 3D mapping hardware solutions and software solutions.

UAV cameras from Phase One

P3 Payload

The Phase One P3 Payload offers versatile solutions for unrivalled productivity in all types of inspection missions.

Thanks to full integration into the DJI M300 / M350 series, Phase One's P3 is the reference system among plug-and-play ready UAS camera solutions.

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Technical specifications

P5 UAV camera

The Phase One P5 is the world's first camera for UAVs designed specifically for engineering surveying. It is designed to meet the highest professional surveying standards while integrating seamlessly into your everyday surveying tools.

The P5 sets a new standard for data accuracy and ensures an efficient surveying process without compromise.

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Mechanical or electronic diaphragm?

Which is better? Mechanical or electronic aperture?
How do these technologies work?
What results can they deliver?
Take a look at our detailed information page for the Phase One P3 Payload.
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