GreenValley International

GreenValley International (GVI) offers advanced but easy-to-use laser scanning technologies from the air, from the ground and from mobile devices. The extensive product line includes several high-precision 3D mapping hardware solutions and software solutions.

LiAir 220N

The LiAir 220 provides a turnkey solution for those requiring both high accuracy and high density ground points at an affordable price. An optional high resolution digital camera module is available to generate true colour 3D point clouds. Combined with the user-friendly software options shown below, results can be achieved with a vertical accuracy of up to almost 3 cm.
To determine the vertical accuracy of the 220N a test was carried out by GVI at an altitude of 100 m and over 7 flights. GCPs were used to correct the height, and the remaining 47 were used as independent checkpoints to measure the vertical accuracy. The RMSE of the checkpoints (average error) was +/- 3.3 cm. The average magnitude of error was 2.7 cm.

Data Sheet                 User Guide                  Sample Data
GREENVALLEY LiAir 220N+Camera+LiGeoreference Bild 1

LiAir V70

UAV or sUAS based LiDAR survey instrument developed with DJI's Matrice 300 RTK and 600pro flight platforms in mind. The sensor is GreenValley's lightest and cheapest, stripped down to the essentials for accurate lidar surveying. Combined with the user-friendly software options shown below, results can be achieved with vertical accuracy of up to 4-5 cm.

Data Sheet                   User Guide                    Sample Data

GREENVALLEY LiAir V70+Camera+LiGeoreference Bild 2

LiAir 250 Pro

The LiAir 250 Pro, designed to work with the DJI M300 RTK, utilises the top of the range Riegl miniVUX-3UAV laser scanner to provide the best achievable results. The scanner can detect up to five laser returns per pulse, ideal for beneath vegetation or powerline mapping. Accuracy of ≤ +/-3 cm can be expected, the highest of the GreenValley products.

Data Sheet                 User Guide                 Demo Data

*User guide and demo data from the LiAir 250 (using miniVUX-1UAV)
EPOTRONIC - Hardware - GREENVALLEY LiAir 250 training Bild 1

EPOTRONIC - Software - LiDAR360


Proprietary software that allows users to convert distance measurements and POS data from mobile, UAV or airborne laser scanner systems into georeferenced coordinates. Post-processing options such as flight strip calibration, GCP accuracy adjustment and estimation, and quality analysis are also possible.


A very intuitive software for a large range of analysis tools. Included are classification tools for point clouds, including ingenious machine learning classification, and automatic ground point classificiation. Terrain outputs such as DEMs, DSMs, TINs and contours can be flexibly created. Point clouds can be normalized (flattened) and a large range of forest analyses can be undertaken such as tree segmentation.


User friendly Software designed specifically for powerline inspection, LiPowerline offers quick and powerful tools. Analyses can be made into cable sag, meteorological effects on cables, tree danger points analysis: to inform trimming routines, and tree fall and growth predictive models.
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