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The RiCOPTER is the first unmanned aircraft system developed and manufactured by a leading provider of laser scanners and scanning systems and offers the first-class technique and system efficiency RIEGL is well known for in commercial civil surveying market.
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RIEGL LiDAR (excl. APX-15 / 20, camera, UAV mounting interface, case and software for post-processing)


Mechanical and Electrical Interfaces

- mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting

- serial RS232 interface for data string with GNSS-time information, TTL input for 1PPS synchronization pulse -) 2xLAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/sec (1 x Multi Purpose Power and Signal Cable; 1 x Interface box)

- PWM input/output (USER.Tx, USER.Rx)

- 1x Remote on/off

- USB 2.0

- Trigger, Exposure for camera (applicable for standalone scanners and in combination with an APX15/20)

- WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n



- USB Debug Cable for VUX, 1.5m, (Part-No. HW-VUX-03-000-00)

- USB extension Cable for USB 2.0 mass storage media, for VUX, 0.2m, (Part-No. HW-VUX-03-016-00)


Cooling fan device

(Part-No. HW-VUX-06-008-00)

Lightweight structure with an axial fan providing forced air flow for applications where sufficient natural air flow cannot be guaranteed; can be removed.

Dimensions / weight of miniVUX-2UAV with cooling fan device: 242x110x85mm / 1.6 kg


Embedded RiACQUIRE UAS Software, embedded in miniVUX series, VUX-1 or VQ-XXX Scanner

(Part-No. SW-VQXX-02-000-00)

RiACQUIRE-Embedded is designed to run on RIEGL devices used in UAV-systems.


- running directly on RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV

- scan data are stored on the removeable 32 GByte SD memory card and written to a RiPROCESS project structure

- prepares monitoring trajectory and scanner data for data transfer -) Get control via pulse control interface (TTL) & UDP interface

- controls image acquisition for GigE interfaces

- enables internal memory manager for INS-GNSS data



(Part-No. SW-GP-07-005-00)

Tool for first start up operation of RIEGL V-Line Laser Scanners.


RiVLib - Scandata Interface Library

(Part-No. SW-GP-07-006-00)

Library enabling smooth integration of RIEGL`s V-Line Laser Scanners into user applications.The library allows 2D real-time data interfacing and includes tools to create and to query 2D databases containing measurement data and meta information. The library is available in shared library format for Linux (x86) and Windows operating systems.

1 license included.


Software Maintenance for 12 months

(Part-No. SW-VQXX-12-000-00)

- Free software updates

- E-mail and telephone support


User`s Manual (in English language)

""Technical Documentation & Operating Instructions""

including, between other things, instructions for: Safety, Installation, Operation, etc.

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