Technology sales and wholeseller

Epotronic GmbH was founded in 2017 and focuses on two business areas.

Zum einen ist die Epotronic GmbH spezialisiert auf den gewerblichen Vertrieb und Einsatz von Drohnen für die Vermessung und Inspektion, zum anderen ist Sie Distributionspartner für international bekannte Konsum- und Industriegüter. 

Mit unserem Fachwissen, unserer Erfahrung und unserem Netzwerk bieten wir Drohnen- und Sensorlösungen, die perfekt auf die individuellen Anforderungen unserer Kunden abgestimmt sind. Von uns erhalten Sie Schulungen sowie Vermessungs- und Inspektionsdienstleistungen, damit Sie Ihre Projekte innerhalb der geforderten Genauigkeiten durch den Einsatz von Drohnen effizienter durchführen können. 

Wir betreuen Sie auch bei regulatorischen Fragestellungen.


Origionally, Epotronic started its wholesale and distribution arm of the business with handheld gimbals. As the business has progressed, we have recently integrated high resolution, shake-free ActionCams and new generation 360* cameras into our quickly growing product portfolio.

Industrial Drones & Sensors

Since 2020, Epotronic has been working with its suppliers to offer high-performance and production-enhancing industrial products from global market leaders. 



We have many years of experience in importing from Asian countries to the EU. Our own teams in Asia support us in scouting and quality assurance.


You can ask us for support for exports to the Far East, Africa, South America or other regions of the world.


A strong network at home and abroad enables us to implement it quickly and reliably. 

Contact us.



Benefit from access to exclusive products and their accessories. Fast domestic shipping speeds keep your customers happy at all times. This is how customer loyalty succeeds.


Exactly what you need. Compilation of the product content for you, just as the customer knows it from marketing and sales materials.


Marketing materials from the manufacturer. Seasonal and local collaboration with local influencers, trainers and experts.

Our Partners

  • Manufacturer of drones, robotics and sensors
  • Software providers
  • Leasing agents
  • Maintenance & guarantee providers
  • Pilot and service providers
  • Training & Certificate facilities
  • Insurance providers 

  • Hersteller von Drohnen, Robotik und Sensoren
  • Software-Anbieter
  • Leasinggeber
  • Anbieter von Wartung und Garantie
  • Piloten und Dienstleistungsanbieter
  • Einrichtungen für Schulungen und Zertifikate
  • Anbieter von Versicherungen 



New and innovative products for the discerning customer. In the consumer, prosumer and industrial sectors, we specialize in the sale of sensors for visual recording by humans or robots. Contact us for sales of your hardware.


Effective and efficient information acquisition requires a targeted application of the required hardware. We offer you the best on the market and continuously evaluate our portfolio in order to meet market requirements.

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