FLYFIRE OWL-M350 Drohnenfallschirm

FLYFIRE OWL-M350 Drohnenfallschirm


M350 Parachute

The M350 parachute is prepared for automatic and manual

parachuting, and later firmware upgrade services. Parachutes

can be used to ensure operational safety and reduce ground

personnel injuries and property losses..


Products and solutions

Automatically stop pulp through OSDK when opening the umbrella

Obtain drone data through OSDK

Information backup of two sets of core sensors

Automatically stop pulping and open umbrella

3-step quick installation

Can open the umbrella remotely

Built-in umbrella warehouse environment monitoring,

maintenance-free for two years under normal conditions


Application scenarios

Protect the life and property safety of ground personnel during

inspection and rescue and avoid aircraft damage.

All flight operations that require preparatory protective measures


Parachute cabin parameters

Affect M300 battery life : 4 minutes 30 seconds

Power supply : OSDK power supply

Follow-up after power failure : 1h

Antenna: Built-in antenna

Response time: 500-800ms

Minimum safe opening height : 25m

Safe slowdown: ≈ 3.9m/s

Umbrella cabin size (not including lower fixed frame) :

170mm x 160mm x 145mm

waterproof level: IPX54


Remote control parameters

Power supply interface : USB-A

Size of remote control: 74mm*45mm*18.4mm

Supply voltage : DC 5V

Maximum supply current : 500mA

Normal working current : 110mA

Antenna: Built-in antenna

Can maintain working hours after power failure: 10S


Transmit power

China SRRC : 10dBm

CE : 13dBm

FCC : 22dBm


Communication frequency

China : 430-432

CE : 869.125

FCC : 903.125-925.125

Flyfire Technology Co.,LTD
Harbin Flyfire Technology Co.,Ltd. was registered in January 2018 and established Dongguan Flyfire in March, 2020 at Songshan Lake Innovation Park in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Flyfire Technology always practices the concept of "lighting up the future with inspiration", and is committed to the development of passive safety protection program for UAV, so as to solve the risks after UAV accidents through passive safety equipment. The supply solutions include unmanned aerial vehicles, safe parachutes, airbags, propeller-stoppers and other safety systems. Since its establishment, Flyfire has built a series of safe flying companions, such as "Guardian", "Manti" series and Owl system for drone safety, which have effectively reduced the human and aircraft injuries caused by drone accidents and saved more than 1400 flying accidents so far. Flyfire technology has always practiced the dream of creating an era of safe flight in a down-to-earth manner. Its products have been widely recognized by customers, and it has conducted cooperation and customization with many UAV manufacturers deeply.

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