Case Studies

Here we look at some examples of drones in Industry and how UAV's benefit many sectors.

Drones for BIM workflows

In this article, we look at some of the potential use cases of drones, and how they can benefit companies working, or wanting to work, with BIM and Digital Twins. We describe what BIM and Digital Twins are, for those who don’t already know, then delve into the solutions.

A guide to drone survey data

Widely spread images and videos show realistic 3D models of scenes such as buildings, construction sites, and terrain that have been generated by drones. These data are also used to generate other useful products for users such as contour lines, digital elevation models (DEMs) and volumetric measurement reports.

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LiDAR for Public Safety

UAV lidar is one of the newest solutions available for drone platforms. Competing with photogrammetry-based drone solutions, lidar has a number of advantages. First it can be used in low light and even no-light conditions as the laser pulses are not dependent on an external light source.

Find out how they can benefit the Public Safety Sector.

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Traditional surveying vs. drone surveying for construction projects

In this article we will explore and compare two UAV-based solutions: Lidar with the DJI Zenmuse L1 and Photogrammetry with the DJI Phantom 4 RTK, compared to a traditional surveying technique: GNSS rover, in a topographic survey scenario. In the comparisons we will look at cost, time, accuracy and resolution.

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Conducting a drone flight - regulations, permits and privacy

When you need to undertake a flight with a drone, it can be confusing to know which permissions and licences are required. This article aims to cut through the jargon and help pilots and prospective-pilots begin their drone-flights as soon as possible whilst adhering to regulations.

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